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Portal will demonstrate throughout Serbia the most out of your city or municipality. Portal provides the ability to make your city or town as an example to others, that you and your way of keeping the town or city become a successful model of decision making.

We will present you and your city / municipality of the way you want. If you want, we present and your associates, public companies, most successful companies in your municipalities, sport clubs. Will inform your sugrađene and citizens all over Serbia on events in your community.

The portal citizens have the opportunity to seek advice, ask questions, present their ideas and point to problems that need to be urgently addressed in your town. We wish to introduce local self-government in a positive way, not as a group of people who are responsible for every problem faced by your fellow citizens.
Your municipality will present the potential for all citizens of Serbia. Portal will have other facilities that are essential for everyday life and to guarantee a large attendance … Under construction